Air Compressor Filter Regulator. Mobil 1 Oil Filter.


Air Compressor Filter Regulator. Mobil 1 Oil Filter.

Air Compressor Filter Regulator

air compressor filter regulator

air compressor filter regulator - Senco PC0947/FP18KIT

Senco PC0947/FP18KIT 18-Gauge Brad Nailer Compressor Combo Kit

Senco PC0947/FP18KIT 18-Gauge Brad Nailer Compressor Combo Kit

To save you both time and money, the Senco PC0947 Finishing Combo Kit contains everything you need for finish and trim jobs. The FinishPro 18-Gauge Brad Nailer is a versatile nailer for all your finish needs, and the Senco PC1010 is a 1.0 HP peak, one gallon, oil-less portable air compressor that's easy to carry and use in a wide variety of applications.

The PC0947
Finishing Combo Kit
At a Glance:
Kit contains everything you need for finishing jobs
FinishPro 18 Nailer drives 18-gauge brad nails from 5/8" to 2"
PC1010--a lightweight, oil-less compressor with one-gallon capacity tank
All necessary air fittings included
Both tools back by one-year warranty

Product Image

The PC0947 has all the features you need for your finish jobs. View larger.
Product Image

Thanks to the rugged, compact compressor, you'll get professional quality on the go. View larger.
Fast, Powerful Nailer
With an operating pressure of 70 to 95 psi, the FinishPro 18 drives 18-gauge brad nails from 5/8 inch to 2 inches. It's ideal for a range of installation jobs, including interior trim, cabinets, chair rail, crown molding, baseboards, bookshelves, and exterior trim.
Designed to be user-friendly, this nailer features an adjustable depth-of-drive and exhaust, as well as a belt hook that lets you take the tool everywhere you go. The soft grip provides comfort and control, a no-mar pad protects the work surface, and a rear bumper protects work finish.
Rugged and Compact Compressor
Powered by a 1.0 HP (peak), 0.5 HP (running) oil-less motor, the PC1010 compressor has a one-gallon capacity tank. It provides 4.0 amps at 115 volts and 120 psi max output. The 1/4-inch quick disconnect coupler and regulator provides consistent, reliable operation, while individual gauges for tank and regulated output allow you to easily keep track of pressure. And because the PC1010 is electric, you won't have to worry about the expense and mess of oil.
Designed to be rugged enough for professional use, the PC1010 is lightweight at 20 pounds, and it features a cushioned handle for easy carrying and a compact, easy-store design. And to save you time, it pumps up in just over two minutes and recovers in only 35 seconds.
Both tools are backed by one-year warranty.
About Senco: Innovation Backed by Experience
For over 50 years, Senco has been setting quality and performance standards for the fastener industry. In fact, Senco was the true inventor of the pneumatic fastening industry way back in 1950, and they've been the leading innovator in fastener technologies ever since. As a company, Senco has achieved an unheard of ten thousand hours of fastener engineering expertise.
In just one year, their plant in Cincinnati alone uses enough wire to make 18 trips to the moon and back. Even more impressive is the fact that since 1996, Senco has sold over 500 trillion fasteners to trusted companies like Fleetwood, Champion, Merillat, Ashley Furniture, and other major manufacturers.
What's in the Box
FinishPro 18-gauge brad nailer; PC1010 one-gallon electric oil-less compressor; 1/4-inch x 25-foot coil hose; tool oil; all necessary air fittings; safety glasses; manuals; and variety pack of 18-gauge brad nails.

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Compressed Air Manifold

Compressed Air Manifold

I finally worked up the courage to rebuild the compressed air manifold that I built last year (it leaked). After thinking about it a bit I realized that if the vertical tubes were just a bit longer I could do all of the soldering and then all of the assembling. Voila! It doesn't leak (buying a better quality filter also helped).

I have three air outlets. One is at compressor pressure; the other two have independent pressure regulators. One of these two has a dedicated 25' coiled hose.

Air compressor

Air compressor

They used this air compressor to blow air on the glue they used to attach the electrodes to my head. It tickled as the air blew on my skin.

air compressor filter regulator

air compressor filter regulator

Pro Airbrush Air Compressor Regulator with Water-Trap Filter

Professional-grade regulator with pressure gauge and integrated water-trap; allows the precise control and delivery of clean, dry air for airbrushing. Internal diaphragm design smoothes and regulates the airflow; minimizing the negative effects of air pulsations and pressure imbalances created by piston-style compressors. Water and other contaminates are filtered from the airflow by a small-micron brass element and captured in a removable catch-bowl at the bottom of the regulator. Bowl features a spring-loaded valve for easy draining of any accumulated water. Adjustable pressure control knob; pull up and turn the black knob at the top of the regulator to set desired pressure. Pushing down on the knob locks the current setting. Rated up to 150 psi (gauge displays up to 100 psi). Regulator body has a 1/4" BSP female inlet and outlet, and we provide two male-to-male reducers (1/8" BSP to 1/4" BSP), allowing you to convert the inlet, outlet, or both to 1/8" BSP males for easy connection to airbrush compressors and hoses. Mounting bracket is provided and inlets and outlets are permanently marked on the regulator body to make installation a breeze. (Model: Reg-PRO)

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