Air Compressor Filter Regulator. Mobil 1 Oil Filter.


Fass Fuel Filter Cross Reference - Acura Tsx Oil Filter Location.

Fass Fuel Filter Cross Reference

fass fuel filter cross reference

fass fuel filter cross reference - FASS Replacement

FASS Replacement Fuel Pump Cummins

FASS Replacement Fuel Pump Cummins

* The FASS DDRP 02 is the most reliable and economical solution to the fuel delivery problems of the Dodge Ram and Freightliner trucks powered with the 5.9L Cummins Turbo Diesel. * FASS DDRP 02 requires 30 minutes or less installation time. * FASS DDRP 02 mounts to the factory supplied bracket * FASS DDRP 02 provides a 33% increase in fuel delivery rate over the OEM pump design * The FASS DDRP 02 also provides better torque and engine response by insuring a constant reliable flow of fuel. * A FASS DDRP 02 is protected by a 4 year Warranty upon completion of Warranty Card * The DDRP 02 is the only replacement pump available with a 4 year Warranty. * FASS DDRP 02 has a Gerotor that's almost imposable to fail other for any reason except for debris ingestion which makes a very efficient positive displacement pump. * THE FASS DDRP 02 is equipped with a Heavy Duty motor that is segregated from the fuel to prolong the life of the motor. * The DDRP 02's Heavy Duty Motor uses over sized bearings on the motor shaft to make sure its well supported. * THE DDRP 02's Heavy Duty motor provides High Torque to Gear Ratio to Insure Cold Weather Starts. * The DDRP 02 motor has more torque than the stock lift pump to ensure you don't have a problem with cold weather starts. * DDRP 02 draws around the same amount of amperage the stock pump does so it can make use of the wire harness. * DDRP02 is strong enough to push B-20 and B-50 Fuels in the warmer months of the year. * The FASS DDRP 02 is recommended for stock power applications * DDRP 02 allows user to by pass the OEM Pump. * The FASS DDRP 02 is capable of flowing up to 89 gallons per hour at 23 PSI.

83% (13)

Fass über Feuer

Fass über Feuer

Warmes Wasser gab es erst, nachdem unter einem Fass kraftig eingeheizt wurde. Das Feuer in Gang zu bringen war wegen feuchtem Holz oder meiner mangelnden Erfahrung... nicht immer so einfach. Wenn man dann endlich unter der warmen Dusche stand war dies ein wertvoller Genuss.



Enstand 0:11
Einen Ehrentreffer hatte man den Jungs von Regionalligist FASS ja wenigstens gonnen konnen...

fass fuel filter cross reference

fass fuel filter cross reference

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